A new app that enables any person in the world to report termite presence at any geographic location. This app, launched by a group of termite amateurs and specialists from different countries, is useful for establishing maps of termites in every country. This valuable information can be visualised on the website www.termiteworldwide.org

Termiteworldwide.org aims to be a reference portal that provides information about the identification, description and distribution of all the termite species described in the world.

Termiteworldwide.org is a portal that is especially useful for pest control companies. Any commercial visit, treatment done or simple casual detection can be used to report new points on the termite map, which can be done quickly and easily with the app.

But… How does pest control company benefit?

In exchange for introducing new data on the map, the application generates a website for each new point, with the contact information of the company, serving as indirect advertising for the pest controller. An example:


Can a person with termites on their property request the identification of a specie through the app?

Yes, they can. Pictures of the termites or the damage that they have caused can simply be attached and indicated as unknown species. Any other user of the portal can comment on their point indicating which species of termite they consider corresponds to the images. Once the comment is added the person who made the request will receive an email with the information.

When double clicking on any country, a list of all the species described to date will appear, providing the information of the scientific publications that include the description of each of the species of termites present in that country.

Points marking the presence of harmful termites may not be placed on top of a private property. The point should be moved and placed at a junction on the nearest public road, so that no sensitive information is provided. In such cases, it is necessary to indicate that the location is approximate.



How reliable is the information reported on the map?

Each user who provides data for the map can earn up to 10 stars that indicate their score based on the quality and credibility of their contributions. These stars are acquired as the user includes images on the points they report, makes recommendations or confirms the information from other termite experts.

Termiteworldwide.org will provide information that will help the pest control sector to facilitate identification of the most frequent termite species in the human environment. To this end, images, maps and relevant information on these species will be provided.

If you have any suggestions or technical problems, you can write to soporte@termiteworldwide.org

Link to download the Termiteworldwide.org app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.termites.disanweb

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